Wheels of Destruction: Car Mayhem

Wheels of Destruction

Wheels of destruction, has hit the PSN store on 4th of April. Gelid Games Inc. brings us a mix of need for speed and call of duty which gives us an insight on a new breed of fun and entertaining games. In a lawless, post-apocalyptic world, wheels of destruction throws you out in the wild where you choose to kill or be killed, in a competition of extreme four-wheel wreckage. This is an arcade-styled game with a third-person multiplayer and fun game modes such as, team death match, free-for-all and capture the flag. In the battle to win the games you must crush opponents with the weapons provided and slay everything in your path of relentless devastation causing mass destruction.

Alright I gave the game a go and spent a good 2-3 hours of playing and flicking through each game mode and what I learnt so far is that in the game you get to choose from five classes of vehicles, they range from the large and bulky which are very slow and to thin and small which are noticeably fast but take a lot of damage which can be a problem in game modes such as free-for-all and team death match. What I did realise is the fact there is no story mode like the ones found in the bigger titles but it would be hard to tie a story together about cars with mounted weapons fighting, oh well.

The game menu has two ways to play, one being online through the use of the PlayStation network as well as offline against AI bots. To be honest everyone should stick to online play as the offline shows no signs off teamwork between the bots and therefore there is no real chance of having fun offline. However, I canít say online play is amazing since it has a lot of bugs such as the cars flying around the track rather than using the wheels it was given and the team chat was the worst all I heard through my TV was that annoying screeching sound which really took the biscuit. After I played 2-3 hours I did go back to the bigger titles as this game wasnít for me.

Moving on, the controls are terrible. I got stuck on walls, fell of ledges or I just missed an entire road. Most might think this is due to my skills but I have been playing on all platforms since 2006 so I guess I have enough skill to send a car around the track but with this game my multitasking skills were broken down, I had to stop in an area just to shoot as someone as the cars take forever to turn in the chosen direction and I just had to rage quit after getting killed by everyone.

Wheels of Destruction

The visuals in the game are alright but I much rather have minecraft graphics as the maps did not show a real difference. But, the frame rate is expectable for a downloadable game and the music is good but after a month of having this game I am sure you will forget you even had it. Overall, this games good for one thing and thatís just getting rid of stress or just having fun because if youíre a person like me you will know how much rage you build up from playing battlefield 3 and call of duty or any other titles you realise in this game you forget all about your kill/death ratio and you just race round the track killing cars but looking as the disadvantages of this game I wouldnít say buy it unless you have a few quid lying around and you want something new to play.

Review by: Jamie Johny

Twitter: @JamieJohny

YouTube channel (Videos come out in July, so subscribe early and be ready): TheMayhemCentralShow

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