Special Forces: Team X Review

Genre: Animated
Gameplay: FPS
Publisher: Microprose / Atari


High-end gaming meets a cheap price tag. Developers Zombie studios have just released Special Forces: Team x, which is a team centric 3rd person cover based shooter. In my opinion it is call of duty, battlefield, borderlands and Tom Clancy’s: ghost recon all wrapped up into one package. I played this for five hours straight manipulating the unique map selection system, which can produce over 100 different map layouts. The game itself lets you play five different game modes, team death match, capture the flag, control points, hot zone and high value targets. Teamwork allows all team members to be richly rewarded. What I really find interesting in this game is the customization of weapons, character and skill, which tailors to your play style. This game lets the best players prove they are the best as they dominate and push through enemy lines.

Gameplay and graphics:

This game has similar graphics to borderlands and it looks amazing for a game with a price tag of £12. Moreover, when it comes to gameplay the movement in this game is slick and fluid, I would compare the movement to crysis 3 but for pro gamers on platforms such as Xbox you may find moving left and right a tad slow even on the highest sensitivity, but it doesn’t effect gameplay too much, but I did find it difficult to dive in and out off cover due to this limiting factor. Another slight problem may be the slightly flawed dogs in the game and the fact that your always playing on European severs which can cause lag for some players (PC players have dedicated servers so don’t worry). However, I really liked rushing to the other side of the map and taking out players but this proved difficult at times especially when they shot from cover or when travelling in groups of two or more as multiple players take slightly longer to take out then your used to from call of duty or battlefield, but if your really good at any FPS you should be adequate at playing this game.

special forces

Gameplay: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10


For the price I would say the game is definitely worth investing in and as long as zombies studios keep updating their game and provide it with some advertising to recruit more players with this the game can only get better. It is currently available on PC and Xbox.

For PC gamers:

Minimum specs:
• OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32-bit)
• Processor: Dual-Core CPU
• Memory: 2 GB RAM
• Graphics: 256MB DX9 GPU (GeForce 8xxx or Radeon HD2xxx)
• DirectX®: 9.0
• Hard Drive: 1 GB HD space
• Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
• Other Requirements: Broadband Internet connection

Review by Jamie Johny
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special forces: team x
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