4Story Online
4Story Online 3D MMORPG
4Story is a 3D MMORPG made by Zemi interactive offering a WoW feel to it as the gameplay matches a lot to it. As review this gameplay many aspects are still different from the real thing and you have to consider that this is a F2P game which gives you the best PVP experiences. The overall gameplay is very fluid and not static like most games are, the graphics offers extremely low graphics but also high end graphics which is quite nice. In this review I will be writing about the gameplay and graphics but not the story as you can check that out for yourself. Be aware that this review is based purely on my opinion, if your opinion differs then comment and see what you think.

9Dragons 3D MMORPG
A game originally made by Acclaim but moved on to Gamersfirst. This game offers many different clans residing with either the dark or light. I will be writing about the gameplay and graphics of this game has to offer. The most unique aspect of this game is the diverse number of clans available but one thing that is a problem, hardly anyone now makes new account, so all I see high level people around my place. The hype is not that much but does not mean it should be discredited. I think before Gamersfirst actually takes over a game, they drastically need to think about how they are going to maintain the game. This game lacks many of the essential things like website information in the MMO Home page information, just the basics to get a noice going.

Ace Online
Ace Online 3D Shooter
Ace Online is a free to play 3D Sci-fi MMO made by Subagames, offering an unique experience to new generation of mmo's as it involves an action packed plane simulator. As I first heard about this game, I assumed it was going to be stable because a flight simulator is not always "stable", I would expect there to be many glitches, but they proved me wrong. The general concept is actually quite unique in many ways, and so it is getting extremely popular. Subagames, as of 2011 is still a relatively new in the mmo industries but many other games such as Mission Against Terror(An FPS shooter) is very stable and popular.

Adventure Quest Worlds
Adventure Quest 2D RPG
Adventure Quest worlds is a turn-by-turn browser based game made by Artix Entertainment offering cartoon graphics and many other aspects from its previous games made. An adventure quest world is a complete resemblance to games like Adverture Quest which is the most famous one, Mechquest and many more. Artix has made it a massive variety of games and is continuing to develop new and improved games but what is unique about this series is that you can finally play with characters meaning its an MMORPG officially. During the beta stage of this game, I thought it was literally impossible to host a flash based server, I was right there had to be a load of maintenance but hey, its now a massive game.

Aika Online
Aika Online MMORPG
Aika Online is an epic 3D MMORPG made by Gpotato offering a beautiful playing style. With typical elements of most RPG's but improved and almost evolved as a whole of both gameplay and graphics. The first time I actually played this game is when I truly noticed the true detail of both story line and graphics. Gpotato has really out done themselves as they have released a very unique game, I cannot believe the work put on to this. With a modern touch to this Gpotato has released a class with guns but magic and melee is still introduced. As the depth of the story line goes, apparently the god of the actual playing world is called Aika fairly enough and has "created" races but somethings went wrong(More on that later). In this epic review of Aika I will be introducing the main aspects of the game which make it unique to play and watch.

Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA)
Alliance of Valiant Arms
Alliance of Valiant arms(A mouthful, just call it AVA) is a free to play online FPS shooter with very nice quality in terms of graphics. AVA has reached a mass audience from FPS fans, for those of you who do not have a good high end pc would be missing out a lot. Steam has just released their game so couple more thousands people joined to play this free game. For a free to play game rivals many console games such as Battlefield, not so much the physics but the graphics. IJJI's games are really successful such as Gunz, but AVA I think is the best game IJJI made. As of 2011, a lot of shooters are introducing an apocalyptic zombie type games, I think this is inspired from Call of duty as they had a zombie round games.

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