Bloodline Champions
Bloodline Champions Arena Based
Bloodline Champions is a top down arena based game made by Stunlock Studios which is quite new in the MMORPG world and as a first game, I think it will go a long way. Still a developing game introducing a DotA style of gameplay with many characters to unlock. As every game starts, there is always high benefits for paying members but apart from anything, really a great game. As for the graphics character desgins match the scenery which is good as it all comes in together. Bloodline Champions requires true skill in my opinion, as you have about 7 to 9 skills to tactically play. Well not to give away so much but here is the start of my review, as many of you know I will be rating this game out of 10 for gameplay and graphics.

Combat Arms
Combat Arms MMOFPS
A FPS game made by Nexon offering an amazing 3D graphical game offering just the best enjoyable gameplay. Nexon has been known quite a while because of the amount of diverse guns which every FPS game needs. The variety in guns makes this game enjoyable to play. What I really like is that you can mod your weapons, for example you can attach a M16 with suppressor. Nexon itself is a successful company offering many free to play games such as Maplestory which is extremely popular in many countires. Combat Arms has been in many top mmofps lists and most of the time comes first. To develop an FPS game like this is absolutely insane as it is very popular. The server sometimes cannot keep up with the amount of players. In this review I will be writing about the gameplay and graphics of this game and the conclusion will be written through a rating of 10.

Conquer Online
Conquer Online 2D MMORPG
Conquer Online is made by TQ which in most their games implements the same sort of 2D graphics which is really something to remember the game by. Other MMO's just copies the exact source of graphics and claim their own but TQ is very unique. In this review I will be talking about the gameplay of Conquer Online and also the graphics. The whole concept of this game is to train and level every aspect of what your character can do. TQ games is a very unique game and I have been playing this game for quite a long time. Conquer Online got me addicted only becuase of the customisation of weapons I am able to use, there is actually so much freedom in this game when you get above level 20, you can pvp freely with a price.

Crossfire MMOFPS Shooter
A game by Z8 game comes by a first person shooter game with a counter strike feel to it. Since the release of Counter Strike, many games has used the source. I still think that this game, despite being a clone has many other unique types of gameplay. The types of gameplay are very typical of many shooters nowadays like...

Crystal Saga
Crystal Saga 2D MMORPG
Crystal Saga is a 2D dimensional MMORPG made by R2Games offering a browser based game which claims to be the best browser MMORPG, but how did they work that out? Since it is a browser game, I am guessing that the game is indeed limited to a certain point such as the main objective is to level up till you get to the PVP experiences. R2Games is a rather new company as of 2010 and they are quite new in the whole MMORPG industry but it looks like the have done their research. I do not know for certain that they are indeed the best MMORPG browser game because there are much more games more popular and successful than Crystal Saga. Crystal Saga is still moderately popular although many games in their beta stage would be popular. I would like to see how the development stage of this game would be.

Dark Throne
Dark Throne
Dark Throne is a browser based game made by Lazarus Software offering a strategical and calm gameplay between offense, defence and stealth. The aim is to have the biggest yet most secure economy and army. As you can tell it requires about 10-20 minuites of gameplay as the amount of things you can do is based on the number of turns. Through extreme advertising I think Dark Throne is really on it's way to popularity in-terms of browser based games. I have played Dark Throne since the start and I do have to say it has improved by miles as it is more fair in terms of race and class. As most of you know I will rating this game out 10 based on gameplay and graphics.

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