Allods Online
Allods Online MMORPG
Allods Online is a MMORPG game made by Gpotato offering an epic adventure on questing as to level up you need to quest your way through which in some ways is good and enjoyable but maybe in some ways extremely long gameplay times. The overall gameplay is much like WoW but I have to say places where you fight is massive area offering all classes to fight to their full advantage. In this review I will be talking about the gameplay and what kind of MMO it is and the graphics, whether it is good or bad. Gpotato's most popular games, mainly because it is free and still good enough to be a pay to play game, not saying it should be. Very in depth in many aspects such as combat and other crafing skills shown.

Atlantica Online
Atlantica Online
Atlantica Online is a strategy MMO developed by Nexon offering a unique insight to online gaming and therefore has been popular. The idea of having a turn by turn final fantasy style game while hiring mercenaries is really unique. Nexon did not actually create this game as the company Ndoors actuallt sold it to Nexon, though I do not understand why because it is now extremely popular. For users who had an account in Ndoors can recover their account in the Nexon website which is good though most users would consider not to join Nexon as their reputation of security is poor. None the less, the game itself is excellent in what they have to offer. Nexon as a game developer is actually not bad considering the games they are still developing and who could ever deny Combat Arms to be an excellent game.

Battle of the Immortals
Battle of the Immortals
Battle of Immortal is a MMORPG made by Perfect World who is famous for Perfect World International. Battle of Immortal is a very typical MMORPG except all you have to do is quests. This game is not very well known and is a developing game which give you the chance to get ahead of everyone before it gets popular. Made perfect low spec computers which is a good idea since it is a new game. Battle of Immortal kind of exaggerates the weapons a but I guess it's their style. I am hoping for many improvements of this game but until now, I am going to review this game the way it is now.

Battlefield Heroes
Battlefield Heroes MMO Shooter
Battlefield Heroes is a game made by EA which is quite rare considering they sell games for consoles, this game offers a third person shooter with unique classes and abilities. The graphics is very cartoony and quite cheesy but thats what the gamers like about it, many people play for fun and just admire the graphics, like me. I just really like how people can make their own server and play it, there is a veriety of maps suiting your style which the classic close quarters, medium land and huge land able to fly planes. So let's get started, I will be writing about the graphics and gameplay and give a rating out of 10. This game is like a less bloody version of Warrock where they also provide large maps and vehicle access.

BeGone MMO Shooter
BeGone is an epic FPS browser based game developed by Nplay offering a blast from the past. Many shooters are being developed and so BeGone is one of those games which is continually being developed. Nplay as a game company is quite new considering they have actually published only 2 games in counting as of 2011. It seems that this company is heavily trying to succeed in browser gaming and if you have played this game before, it truly is surprising how detailed the quality of the game is. As my prediction of this company, I would guess that it will go very far with the detail of work that is going on. InvinciCar Online is another game that is developed by Nplay which provides similar graphics to BeGone. Since the graphics are the similar, I would say that the company seems to have a graphics engine, much like TQ Digital where the graphics are the same.

An FPS games called "Black Shot" made by Twowar offers a different side of shooters. Following other elements of other MMOFPS like a limit on how long you can keep a gun. What I like most is that it counts the time you played with the gun not the amount of days played. The game types are less than unique as they have very typical game types

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