Path of Exile - The right direction to Diablo

Genre: Fantasy
Gameplay: Dungeon Cralwer
Publisher: GrindingGearGames


Path of Exile is a soon to be free to play MMORPG Diablo style gameplay, now offering online access to other players. During the beta phase, many demanding of a free key while others enjoy early with paying to support Path of Exile. As many people demanded for this (As well as I), I eventually have it and decided to make a review! Although much work is to be done in this game, I might as well make a review while I can before the whole community gets a peak at this brilliant MMO. As for the publishers (Grinding Gear Games), relatively new to the MMO world in terms of publishing games, their story is that they could not be bothered to wait for the amazing Diablo 3 (III) and decided to make their own version. As I have looked several times at the forums, many of the community say they have given of Diablo 3 and moved on to this game as "It was heading the right direction" which I completely agree with. So without further blabber about the developers, here comes the review!

Path of Exile, MMO, Diablo 3


As we head down the gameplay of Path of Exile, it does in many ways resemble the mighty Diablo 3 however many additions and mechanics have been introduced thus making this game much more popular. The aspects which are actually the same is the inventory system and map otherwise can be considered as a very unique game. The economy system this game has provided is original on a whole new level! Instead of using currency, the npc's will trade a number of scrolls depending on the worth of your loot. Although it does follow the similar patterns of grinding and carrying on with quests and get better gear, along the way you will learn many of the unique aspects about this already successful game. As far as the crafting aspects of the game, gems are available which can socketed into items giving the game variety and choice. Gems provide a skill, each are different and may require certain weapons. Truly a wonderful game which gives you choice in your gear and gems, several builds are currently being made, I assure a great number of builds are being thought of. The aspects of builds would not have been possible without the huge skill tree shown below. The classes available are Marauder, Ranger, Witch, Duelist, Templar and Shadow, each specialising in many ways to kill mobs.

Path of Exile, MMO, Diablo 3

Path of Diablo?

As far as I can see how much this game is being developed and many users agree with the overall changes and I quote "Heading the right direction". Many people who got the chance to play this has been very positive about it, since the recent patches of Diablo 3, many have been looking for an alternative therefore Path of Exile! The population of the game is very supportive in general which is a good sign of community. As for the class and builds system, I would definetly say that Path of Exile has shown a massive turn out of choices in builds. Below is a screenshot of the skill tree which consists of several routes to take depending on your class. There are some concerns of imbalance however, for now, the game consists of variety and enjoyment to try hundreds of builds on whatever class offered.

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Path of Exile, MMO, Diablo 3
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