Path of Exile - Open Beta Release soon!

Path of Exile is getting to be a beast of a game, with live streams from twitch and other live streaming services, Path of Exile is getting extremely popular now! As some of you may know, as soon as I tweeted who wanted 2 beta keys that I had, I immediately got replies therefore I gave it to them to experience this awsome game! It's amazing how far the game is getting and as of now, the game has not even come out at open beta! Now back to the important topic at hand, Path of Exile is getting ready for a full burst of open beta! This is very exciting news for the MMO community and Diablo fans as this may rival/beat Diablo itself! Just to refresh everyone's memory, this game was only released as some amatuer game developers got tired of waiting for Diablo 3 therefore they made their own version which is now almost a success story. Path of Exile certainly has several unique game mechanics such as the use of gems and mods, and not to forget the massive skill tree, this gives choice to games therefore more appealing to people who love the idea of being unique.

The forums have now been filled with thousands of posts from users therefore more feedback into this amazing game. The forum is now more active than I thought it would be. When I first had a sneak peak of this awsome game, the forum was relatively small and not appealing at all to give feedback however it is now a completely different story. I hope this game succeeds in making a big entrance in the open beta and some of you can even join me in your travels and leveling process.

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Path of Exile Open Beta
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