Week #2 MMO News

RaiderZ is coming close to releasing in closed beta, many of the sites such as MMO Bomb are releasing beta keys and hopefully write up a full review of the game. I do have a key so I may do a short gameplay videos. A very popular publisher (Perfect World) is going to be releasing yet another unique and epic monster hunting game. All classes have a set of weapons and their strengths and weaknesses. Much like the franchise of Monster Hunter except the RPG aspects of leveling and progression. There is a total of 4 classes with a total of 5 types of weapons so combination is available for the game to flourish. The closed beta will start on the 8th of August so grab your keys while you can as it is limited for people. Once again giving a new experience into free online gaming, hoping all the best start for Perfect World.


As one of the most popular games of Nexon, the exetrmemely pay to win games roster has added yet another however the gameplay experiences differ from the previous they had released. Vindictus is a brawler beat'em up or combo type game where each move is a start or end of a combo. This may have been inspired by several older games however I'm sure the developers have taken great consideration of similar games. A recent update has been released announcing a release of a new class or character which again puts up the hype to a high level. As I am sure many of you are aware, a new mercenary called Kai has joined the battle to fight, specilising in bows and his quick draws, a truly unique character. So all the best for the Vindictus community and the itself.

Vindictus Brawler MMORPG

Allods Online
As an Allods Online avid gamer, I love to hear the latest news from them, gradually they are indeed making a huge update, hopefully the heroes of Sarnaut will recieve the chance to respec although it is unconfirmed. The mentoring system has now improved, this time you will recieve rewards for the number of coins you have. The update is also given changes to Paladin, as far as I know, Paladins are currently quite under used as they were deemed to be unseful for tanking as they could not keep aggro during instances. A better user interface is also being released which again, is a fairly obvious update. New zones or allods are also being set out in the astral which is great as it means there are now a variety of allods to explore and plunder. The dragonic aspect of end game levels are recieving an improvement as it gives extra stat bonuses upon use of an ability. Lastly since this patch and the newer patch, the auto move system is being more polished and a much better map system. For those that have not yet played Allods Online, I suggest you give it a try!

Allods Online MMORPG

Age of Wulin
Recently a competition for beta keys came and has ended, as a result this may give us a clue when the game will be available for at least closed beta. I would love the chance to play this game, for me this looks like a polished version of 9Dragons. The clans are relatively the same as 9Dragons however Age of Wulin has gender locked specifically to what clan you are joining according to some of the clans. Currently, the clans available are Shaolin, Wudang, Blissful Valley, Royal Guards, Beggars Sect and Emei. A great deal of clans to think about, so prepare to have alternatives to test out new clans! The most unqie aspect of this game will be the skill based progression which mean that there are no levels! Hopefully the game will not have grindy moments as that bores a player very much.

Age of Wulin MMORPG

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