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Spirit Tales
Spirit Tales as we know from the screenshot, the development of this childish anime MMO resembling none other than other chibi style MMO such as Dragonica and the obvious Maplestory. The development of Spirit Tales has gone beyond expectations due to the several updates and events being released. Level caps are raised, events to enhance the community and other aspects of the game is also being developed further. Although implementing chibi style graphics, the audience remains the same to other hardcore MMO gamers out there. The perception of this developed and yet "premature" game is most likely towards a younger audience however since the release of Fiesta Online, anyone can play this. A truly wonderful and social game however many of the mechanics are essentially "typical" and lacks the originality on gameplay, although the graphics does implement a new side to MMO's. A generally low level cap will mainly lead to boredom among new players that are interested in MMO's for the first time. Another typical aspect is of course the classes that are available for players, for many people interested in joining instances, the sorcerer and assassin will be the main damage dealers hence known as DPS. With the new releases of a new free to play game, many publishers/developers need a unique side in terms of both gameplay and graphics to succeed.

Spirit Tales MMORPG

Path of Exile
As many of the disappointed Diablo 3 fans turn to other games whether the classics or newer games, Path of Exile is for those who still liked to classic Diablo 2. As for the release of Path of Exile closed beta, I can tell you that there were many desperate people looking at the timer waiting for a beta key and that says enough. At this point of closed beta, Path of Exile is still constantly making changes to the massive skill tree to further balance the game and making many polishes in the dungeons and zones. An in depth story for a Diablo clone, all acts are still being developed or rather polished. The only aspect the game lacks is the stability of the game however, the stages are being carried and soon enough will be released open beta which I am sure many are looking forward to. As many of you know, they have just recently changed the skill tree to balance the game, this is a good sign that GrindingGearGames are in fact listening to the community. To my previous point of community, they are backed up by dedicated people testing for any bugs, and suggesting massive improvements for the game. There is still no way of telling if the game is a pay to win game.

Path of Exile, MMO, Diablo 3

Knight Age
Although the closed beta has ended, yet another chibi style graphics has been released for yet another hype. Again, the community does not need to be towards a younger audience for people/MMO gamers. I have very similar opinions as Spirit Tales which include typical classes and pretty much the same aspects of the gameplay. Though what this game offers is mount based fights and other cool features such as eggs and pets. They have yet much to do with the game and many aspects to polish as well as improve. Knight Age slightly feels very "typical" although with the desperate bid to have a unique feel with mount based fights, I just feel that there is limited gameplay. Joymax offers many different and unique experiences to the community although Knight Age begs to differ, I do feel that there are many other aspects that could be included. I do see the reason for the release as closed beta, many of the community are getting involved in developing the game.

Knight Age MMORPG

I guess many retro online gamers would know that Ragnorak has officially been released specifically for the EU which is a great development. Ragnorak is relatively old game however being continuously updated with events and surprises, big news is needed for games such as these for new gamers to get involved. The game keeps a constant popularity so player base is no problem. The general gameplay and graphics are very retro however nonetheless still stands a chance against many of the newer MMO out there. Many of the fans of Final Fantasy Tactics may find some interest in this game as the some elements are similar from each other. So yet another retro game getting some spotlight in the latest MMO genre.

Path of Exile, MMO, Diablo 3

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