Magic 2014 Review

As a custom to new experience of games, Magic 2014 is actually a first for me in terms of the game play style. Magic 2014 takes on a genre through Steam called a DTC (Digital trading card). I do however, know that the game has been around for at least 25 years. The original inspiration was originally from an actual TCG (Trading card game) which then continued further to be a digital game. Taking on the same evolution as Yu-gi-oh (although not entirely the same) by everything turning virtual. Magic consists of various combinations of decks through the types of elements. There are also various tactics that help a user win the game.

For those that are still in the process of deciding whether the game is worth, just know that this game used to be for a certain niche. As most games that are mainstream and are more likely to sell, in my honest opinion, Magic will take a while in order to get used to. Just like most strategy/tactic based games, it will take a while for you to completely master the art of Magic. Magic offers a campaign system therefore this means that it has a carefully revised AI system. So enough petty introductions and speculation. The game starts with an arena turn by turn style gameplay, like classic TCG (Yu-gi-oh), with certain monsters, there are prerequisites before you can summon the monster. Obviously, the victory is decided when the player’s health reaches 0.

Magic 2014

As a steam/arcade game, it is clear to see that there are several aspects which include depth. For instance, the game has a campaign system, merely for learning the lore of how things come to be however this could also be opportunity to learn the game. Magic provides a very unique side of typicall gaming as the game visuals is decided by the best graphics engine (your imagination). As cliché as it sounds, it is true and most of all this game offers a strategical outlook on games.

Another major advantage is that all cards earned stay with you forever as well as all cards are stored unlike the classic method of losing certain cards in real life. A massive advantage of playing Magic 2014 online is the fact that you can test your skills around the world. Constructing decks could not be any easier as you can provide filters and all sorts to perfect your deck. I can truly say the virtual world of playing Magic is easier. Variety and options is what make games successful, and clearly Magic offers tons of it. The different play styles with decks show a certain “art”. Magic has certainly given an impression as far as I have seen, that many new gamers have taken a liking for this 25 year old TCG. The fact that this game can be played online opens a whole new world of competitive play.

Magic 2014

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