Get Amped 2 - Brawler MMO

Get amped is soon to be released as an official game in Europe, specifically it is called GetAmped 2 which is a second addition to the series. The release in Europe is sure to be an intermediate hype in the MMO world. The game itself resembles many predecessors such as the classic BOTs published previously by Acclaim, where it offered a brawler style gameplay. For those guys that love an arcade/brawler gameplay, it is appropriate for many classic gamers. This game will be released on the 14th of December therefore for those beta gamers, be prepared! As we all should know, the game is in fact free to play which makes it possible to play without paying however it does contain premium currency which may put free players at a slight diadvantage. It is quite reasonable to have premium currency i.e. they need some way of income for their game and further development. GetAmped 2 also offers many anime fans with actual skins of popular anime character therefore it does appeal to anime freaks! From Naruto, to Bleach, to Dragon Balls Z to other various characters. Aside from the amount of references, the gameplay is in fact a brawler style, and in terms of animation is a 3D side scroller style.

The requirements are as follows:

For XP users:
Pentium3 1.2GHz or higher
256MB or higher
VRAM 32MB or higher

For Vista and above users:
Pentium4 1.6GHz or higher
512MB or higher
VRAM 64MB or more

Be sure to check out other news from GetAmped 2 from the official website itself: Get Amped 2

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