Best Gameboy Advance Games (In my Opinion!)

Metroid Fusion

As many gba fans know this is one of the most obvious games in the list to choose as a classic. Well during the game's time there has been many improvement but this is the source of the METROID series success. The reasons are very obvious in terms of the gameplay as there is many to choose as you recover your full self as 100%. You go through many lengths to find your armor but as this is a classic game, there is no leveling system, but during that time if there was a leveling system it will be TONS worth more then it is.
This game serves as one of the best GBA games of all time.

My rating system will base it on how good it was when it first came out.

Graphics Rating:7/10 Note: I know I am being quite critical on the rating but these are based on my opinions
Gameplay Rating:10/10

Metroid Fusion

Summon Night & Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 2

There are many improvements to this game but the success has to the DS but furthermore I prefer GBA but better as far as the gameplay goes many things has improved because there is a leveling system which not only levels character but also your partner. Your partner will be chosen based on the questions you answer. If you have seen Shaman King, it's kind of like that. The gameplay is very unique as it resembles Maple story but totally different.

Over all I think it beats Metroid but in many ways Metroid beats Summon Night.

Graphics Rating:9/10
Gameplay Rating:9/10

Summon Night Sword Craft Story 1
Summon Night Sword Craft Story 2

Castlevania - Aria of Sorrow

Well I think this game also goes on a long way since the first of the Castlevania series. The leveling is excellent and full proof, on the way you can learn skills which is also what makes this game extremely unique. Many different weapons to choose depending on your style but for some reason everyone seems very fond of the claymore.
Castlevania is very unique and as other successful games, this has also developed to the DS.

Graphics Rating:7/10
Gameplay Rating:9/10

Castlevania Aria of Sorrow

Pokemon Emerald

You are probably tired of hearing Pokemon but it is indeed one of the best classics as there has been approximately up to 7+ more of the Pokemon series including mystery dungeon. As you already know there is leveling system on the Pokemon but not your own character. You fight to get many badges and change to many leagues. Though it is an extremely long gameplay, the game will last a very long time.
Though an obvious game to choose, this game definetly deserve as so does all the past series.

Graphics Rating:9/10
Gameplay Rating:6.5/10 Note: Reason for this is the long gameplay.

Pokemon Emerald

Final Fantasy I & 2 Dawn of souls

This has come a long way as the game goes 3D in many consoles. You have to choose up to 4 characters with the class of your choice and also can choose more than one of the same class. Many people still play this game because of how many choices and combinations, there are also many places to go to intead of walking there are a few ways of transport like the magical teleport, boat or just walk. Many things has changed but still I say you cant beat the original!
It has come to a long way to come as it has newely come to Final Fantasy 13!

Graphics Rating:6.5/10 Note: You can't expect me to give 10/10 with out reason?
Gameplay Rating:10/10 Note: Many reasons why but this is just a mini review.

Final Fantasy 1 & 2

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

As a Final Fantasy fan this game has the most unique out look as many games were the most obvious gameplay inherited out of Final Fantasy I. When this game came out, thought that I would get bored of this game because it is a strategy based game but I proved myself wrong! It was like Pokemon but in my opinion much better! Skills, levels, Rage, Races, Combo, you name it and everything that an RPG game missed is all in here!
This is unique by miles from many games that are classic rpg's but this is all qualities put together.

Graphics Rating:9/10

Gameplay Rating10/10 Note: There is a whole range of things to do!

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

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