Combat Arms: FPS Reaching Over 1 Million Players!


A FPS game made by Nexon offering an amazing 3D graphical game offering just the best enjoyable gameplay. Nexon has been known quite a while because of the amount of diverse guns which every FPS game needs. The variety in guns makes this game enjoyable to play. What I really like is that you can mod your weapons, for example you can attach a M16 with suppressor. Nexon itself is a successful company offering many free to play games such as Maplestory which is extremely popular in many countires. Combat Arms has been in many top mmofps lists and most of the time comes first. To develop an FPS game like this is absolutely insane as it is very popular. The server sometimes cannot keep up with the amount of players. In this review I will be writing about the gameplay and graphics of this game and the conclusion will be written through a rating of 10.


The gameplay is basically counter strike but with upgraded graphics and a sprint feature which not many new free online games offer nowadays. The HUD shown is pretty simple and easy to follow but when you die, a kill cam comes up and lags so much that any computer cannot take. To get the full experience, you definetly need a gaming PC as this game has a lot of server issues but if you have a lag free game, it's pretty good. What really ruins the game so much is people making hacks and showing what they can do, for those people hacking, I cant say dont do it but seriously? The whole point of a FPS game is to show off your skills but apart from hackers, great game. Though with many flaws and bugs, many people are playing this game and still continuing to grow, seriously the community is getting massive. Compared to many new generation games, which require patience and most of the time have to think about the enemy but Combat Arms does things differently. Combat Arms introduces an extremely fast paced gameplay for users to enjoy and sometimes get fustrated. Though there are many players playing this game, I feel an imbalance between players by a whole mile. When fighting, there is most of the time pros that join the game leaving all the new players quiting becuase of this.


The graphics as I said before is the best I've seen in terms of MMO's. The maps are not that diverse but the maps made are really detailed which shows dedications but again I would like to see more maps. The scenery used around is really interactive as some explosive barrels are placed. The character graphics is amazingly detailed and shows every bit of your characters. There are some glitches which people take advantage of using the graphics like some walls that are meant to solid but turns out, you could shoot through it. Definetly one of the best I have seen in terms of graphics, and detail to the maps and characters. If I compare this game to the new generation games such as Alliance of Valiant Arms, I have to say that Combat Arms does not stand a chance. Despite me saying this, a diverse amount still play this regardless of the what the graphics look like. I have to say that the gameplay sometimes, does matter.


Gameplay: 7/10
Graphics: 10/10

Minimum Requirements

CPU: Pentium 3-1GHz+
DIRECT X: Version 9.0C or later
Official Website (EU) Official Website (US)
Combat Arms

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