Brick Force - A new generation FPS!

Genre: Sandbox
Gameplay: FPS
Publisher: Infernum


Brick Force is indie style MMOFPS published by Infernum. Much similar to Minecraft, I guess they have made it exclusively for the free to play community. There are obvious changes to the original concept of Minecraft, for example, it is exclusively FPS in terms of gameplay. As for the companies involved that made it possible seems to pick up players fast. Of course I'm not saying that this game was taken off from Minecraft although it does resemble it to some extent. This would be considered to be unique in some ways, the graphics are obviously modernised and improved compared to other 8-bit style games. This game may be more popular than Roblox, quite a statement however, really worth playing. So to start off with the review, the main aspects will be explained if you continue to carry on reading!


As I have said before, it is an FPS however more than that, you can create many unique maps by yourself. Creating and playing is the objective of this game. More of a "serious" MMO, it involves many aspects of a community and I imagine that this game is actually quite social. The whole user interface does resemble Minecraft, what a coincidence...Well anyway, the process of playing this game, is build then play! Very unique concept as you play the map you built! This gives many users a chance to make their own map and make it popular to the Brick Force community. As an FPS, quite standard and basic however, the creative parts is what makes the game more enjoyable. Definitely one of the most unique FPS compared to other generic versions of shooters that always have typical guns and story line. As for Brick Force, the whole experience is different from other shooters therefore many would play this regularly, as I said, a very social game can make it big time.


The whole visuals are definitely worth mentioning to the community here. Completely made their own graphics without any generic FPS engine (Counter Strike Source). If you would like a different side to shooters, I would recommend Brick Force, simply because it gives you much freedom giving you blocking blast! In terms of scenario graphics, very nicely designed and polished, as you can see from the screenshot below, amazing detail is shown for an 8-bit game. While we are the graphics side of the game, they are also releasing comic series (Much like how Urban Rivals have progressed.).
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Brick Force MMOFPS

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