Blackshot: A New Experience to Guns!


An FPS games called "Black Shot" made by Twowar offers a different side of shooters. Following other elements of other MMOFPS like a limit on how long you can keep a gun. What I like most is that it counts the time you played with the gun not the amount of days played. The game types are less than unique as they have very typical game types:

  • Team Deathmatch Flag
  • Search and destroy
  • DA (Not sure what it stands for but it is a PVE mode)
  • Team Death Match

Gameplay In-Depth

The gameplay has some elements of "Call of Duty", how? Well when you are shooting at an enemy, an indication is there to show you are damaging the enemy. This feature of the game is very simple but gives you the impact of the weapon used especially with snipers. As you can see there are many typical game-type used. Instead of "capture the flag", it is "Team deathmatch flag", sure why not change the name and make it sound better, well anyway a classic game type which any one knows so I wont go in detail although this is in-depth. I personally like search and destroy because most games come up with some other sort of gimic but this is just straight up tactical gameplay. This game mainly relies on team games, as they are getting more and more popular, they stuck to mostly team games rather than solo games. We all know "TDM" but this is the best experience you can get in straight up killing, I'll tell you why, instead of getting spawn killed, it's almost impossible with the team mates around even if they are in it for the kills.



The graphics are really something considering this is F2P game, if you put the specs right up to maximum quality, it looks amazing. Most online games go for kind of lower rated graphics to get a wider audience but with this game, they also play it safe but I don't know how they did it but it still works on low spec PC's. Again inhereted the use of counter strike but a slight upgrade to the real thing. Every bit of the scenery of the maps are very detailed, the FPS only depends on your PC but works perfect on mine, and trust me it is low spec. The graphics is spectacular and a lot of appraisal to this game is not made from the same engine as games like Counter Strike. Map designs are very well made and well thought out. The maps are perfect for gun combat and a few for close range ones but again very nicely made in terms of scenery and character designs.

Game Depth

Gaia Inc (Gaia) - The post-apocalyptic energy conglomerate that owns the majority of nuclear reactors found on every continent. This gives Gaia an abnormally large influence in the affairs of every New World government, as everyone is dependent on them for their energy production. Gaia is an active participant in the recovery of Old World technology, and in the research and development of new ways to produce energy. Its nuclear reactor facilities and research laboratories are often the sites for bloody skirmishes.

The Cloners - This corporation owns all of the surviving cloning factories. Unlike the Old World superpowers, they are dependent on other companies such as Gaia for energy to produce their clones. Given the wanton destruction of natural resources in the nuclear exchange, the current scarcity of material and technological know-how has resulted in only a very limited number of clones to be produced. These current clones are also less adept on the battlefield relative to their Old World counterparts, since Old World clone command centres that housed all the advanced clone technology were the first to be destroyed in the nuclear showdown. The Cloners are aggressively pursuing cloning technology, and often employ mercenaries to defend what remaining cloning installations it possesses
Source: Blackshot


Graphics: 8/10

Minimum Requirements

OS: Windows XP / Vista
CPU: 2 GHz Pentium 4 or better.
RAM: 512 MB
HDD: 2 GB Free
Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce FX 5700 / ATI Radeon 9550

Official Website (EU) Official Website (US)
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