Battlefield Heroes: The funny side of Battlefield

Genre: Shooter, Cartoon
Gameplay: 3rd Person shooter

Battlefield Heroes is a game made by EA which is quite rare considering they sell games for consoles, this game offers a third person shooter with unique classes and abilities. The graphics is very cartoony and quite cheesy but thats what the gamers like about it, many people play for fun and just admire the graphics, like me. I just really like how people can make their own server and play it, there is a veriety of maps suiting your style which the classic close quarters, medium land and huge land able to fly planes. So let's get started, I will be writing about the graphics and gameplay and give a rating out of 10. This game is like a less bloody version of Warrock where they also provide large maps and vehicle access.

The gameplay is quite slow at times as it is quite big maps but when it comes to shooting, it's great fun to see how much damage you are doing to the enemy, which is quite usefull. The UI shown is very informative which shows skills, health and cool downs. Many premuims to buy but how else are they going to make money. Some classes are more fun than others but all have different styles of gameplay. Many customisations of clothing which you can show off to the community, many variety of weapons which is needed for the range of thing you could do. This game is just very enjoyable overall but if you want to get serious, use explosives! A very unique and light weight game which shows detail and depth in the game. The game itself is quite stable and is updated reqularly so if you like to see games being developed and still improved, this is for you. Let's not forget that this game is made from EA, and for them to offer a free game is quite rare, but its nice to see a retail offering a free online game. I like the fact that you can have a variety of skills in-game, but I do think some skills would imbalanced from other skills. As a light weight game I would expect a low end game with limited and basic features but this game proved me wrong.

The graphics is very well made which gives balance to the scenery and the character. This is quite rare as most games concentrate on the character only. The cartoon graphics and cheesy sound effects fit perfectly to each other. There is a lack of customisations in the options of the graphics, which can be problem as some computers have the specifications but is not able to play in full settings. Overall really nice graphics if you have the computer for it, the cartoon graphics fits the game perfectly. Nice and cheesy graphics perfect for all ages which brings in a bigger audience which is nice to see. For a game requiring a quite low specs must say something about the detail and work that had been done. Overall very nice visuals and special effects of character detail and map detail.

Gameplay: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Minimum Requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP or Windows Vista
CPU: Intel Pentium 4/AMD Athlon 1.0 GHz
RAM: 512 MB (1Gb on Windows Vista)
Video Card: 64MB DirectX compliant video card, Pixel shader 2.0 and above. (AGP and PCIe only)
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
Hard Drive space: 1Gb of space is required to install the game
Internet connection: 256kbit Cable/DSL connection

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Battlefield Heroes

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