Battle of the Immortals


Battle of Immortal is a MMORPG made by Perfect World who is famous for Perfect World International. Battle of Immortal is a very typical MMORPG except all you have to do is quests. This game is not very well known and is a developing game which give you the chance to get ahead of everyone before it gets popular. Made perfect low spec computers which is a good idea since it is a new game. Battle of Immortal kind of exaggerates the weapons a but I guess it's their style. I am hoping for many improvements of this game but until now, I am going to review this game the way it is now. Perfect World as a company is well known for many stable games, so this one is no different. I am going to review the gameplay and graphics of this by giving it a rating out 10.


The gameplay as I said before is very typical of an MMORPG as it has classes and races which have specialities. The UI shown are presented nicely like the health, mini maps and other miscellaneous things like inventory etc which is not cluttered like many unpopular MMO's . Though it is a low spec game the gameplay is quite smooth and not rigid compared to other games. A feature which many games use now a days is the auto path system which I have to say has been made quite well. This game offers moderately big maps with out the intent to lag so much, about the lag the servers are well maintained with almost no ping lag. The quest system is at it's best as it is a questing game but you do not get bored of it as the quests given offer a lot experience. This game consists of skills and xp abilities depending on the class you choose. This shows a very stable game as there are very few glitches but I would like to see other major events that this game is offering. Though there are only few patches, there are certain events that you can take part in, similar to dungeon quests. Battle of immortal is actually an over view like Talisman Online which is quite rare from some games. Perfect World has made yet another stable, yet enjoyable game, quite different compared to other games.

Battle of the immortals

New generation? Graphics

Now for a low spec game I really appreciate the detail of graphics, the scenery of maps is definitely very nicely made. The maps are quite interactive as there are a few idle animations which is nice touch. The character detail has a lot more priorities but both scenery and character detail is balanced. Graphics customisations have a variety of options so it can suit your style, and manage your PC to have almost no FPS problems. The camera is fixed to a certain zoom which in some ways are good and bad, good because the camera will stay still and bad because some parts of the scenery is blocking the character. For a 2D based game, the graphics shown is still decent and quite stylised showing more of a smooth animation. I'm quite surprised that a 2D game can offer alot towards gamers. One of the main reasons shown to other people are the skills which are well made, as they are all different.

Game Depth

More than 300 years after Ragnarok, the world of Motenia is still wrapped in chaos. A Goddess of Fate peered into the future, attempting to guide the mortals of Motenia to peace and safety. In her vision she saw an even greater era of destruction caused by a man called "The Dragon Emperor". The Dragon Emperor was an infamous dictator known for his tyrannical and merciless reign. For every man in power, there exists someone who wishes to take that power, and the Dragon Emperor was no exception to that rule. Rebellions against his regime ran rampant across his empire. One group of elves, known as the Witches of the Millennium were able to utilize an ancient magic, sealing the Dragon Emperor in stone, along with his army.


Gameplay: 6/10 Note: Very typical
Graphics: 9/10

Minimum Requirements:

Windows® XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
CPU: Intel® Pentium® 4 1.5Ghz or AMD Athlon 1500+ or newer and faster CPU
RAM: 512MB
Hard Disk: 5GB or more
Graphic Display: GeForce FX 5200 128MB or ATI Radeon 9500 128MB or newer is needed.
Sound Drivers: DirectX
Network: Broadband Internet connection required

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Battle of the immortal

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