Atlantica Online: One of the most Unique MMO Turn Based/RTS


Atlantica Online is a strategy MMO developed by Nexon offering a unique insight to online gaming and therefore has been popular. The idea of having a turn by turn final fantasy style game while hiring mercenaries is really unique. Nexon did not actually create this game as the company Ndoors actuallt sold it to Nexon, though I do not understand why because it is now extremely popular. For users who had an account in Ndoors can recover their account in the Nexon website which is good though most users would consider not to join Nexon as their reputation of security is poor. None the less, the game itself is excellent in what they have to offer. Nexon as a game developer is actually not bad considering the games they are still developing and who could ever deny Combat Arms to be an excellent game. The popularity of Combat Arms is what made Nexon really popular in my opinion. As you know, the game actually went international which brings a bigger audience of users. Atlantica actually brings real life locations for the users, and has some of the most popular land marks, of course you can choose where to start.


As you know the general combat system is very well made, the gameplay is indeed 'stable'. I use the term 'stable' quite often when I like a game and the reason for this is, Atlantica does not have a lot of bugs and glitches which makes user experience very good. So to start off with the classes, there are Swords men, Spear men, Axe men, Gunners, Cannoneer, Staff wielders, Maniac and Musician. So as you can tell by reading the amount of classes, that diversity ini classes is not a problem for users. Each of them have many different abilities that will enable them to fight in different situations. You can have a totall of 9 people in your battle party, apart from having one main character, the rest of the people you obtain are mercenaries. I was a quite confused as mercenaries will only do it for the money and then leave but in Atlantica, the character will stay with you forever giving you the right to edit the character weapons and items. In some ways it has a roleplaying aspect as you get to customise your character by what he/she is wielding but you have to obtain enough equipment for the whole party. The in game currency is not that hard to obtain as you get a gift every 1 hour, most people go afk for the whole day only to get gifts from other users. What I am really annoyed about is that you can still gian experience by standing/sitting down however they did balance this system as the level cap is up level 100+. When fighting monsters, you can actually choose to battle as there are models shown ini the game, what I mean is that the battle system is not random encounter. The gameplay overall is very well made and stable with no major bugs or glitches that affect the user, Atlantica is extremely popular worldwide so population is not to worry about. Another thing that I do have to mention is the guild system, unlike any guild system, the game provides a series of rules to have an active guild running, since so many people have guilds, they have made many rules so that all guilds are active.

Atlantica Online

Worldwide Atlantica online!

I really do love this game, as a reviewer I feel that many RPG players would try out this game and turn out to love it, like me. I never thought a stragegy based game would have gone so far in the MMO gaming industry. I have been playing for many months now and I feel that they do need to improve the free roam system and there are indeed too many rewards just for being AFK! As an MMORPG player, I would not mind playing such a renowned game. My overall experience of this game showed me that it is quite a social game as there are many users playing this game. Despite the change between developers, the amount of users is still growing. What I like most is the amount of classes you can choose to have in your party. So summarise this review and game, the best parts of Atlantica are:

  • Great strategy based gameplay
  • Unique guild system
  • Great community
  • Diverse classes
  • Many payer online everyday!


As for the graphics of the game, when off combat seems to be less detailed when in combat. I guess the developers though that the batter graphics is more important than the off battle scenery. The graphics overall is still quite good although if we compare this game to many of the newer generation games, I do not feel it still stands a chance. The character graphics is the most focused out of any graphics as users want to feel more significant, the land marks shown also have quite a lot of detail. For Atlantica to implement real life land marks is a really excellent and unique idea, and most of all many people really enjoy seeing them. It's hard to believe many people don't take notice that much.

Atlantica Online

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Atlantica Online

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