Allods Online: Sci-Fi Epic MMORPG

Genre: Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Gameplay: 3rd Person MMORPG

Allods Online is a MMORPG game made by Gpotato offering an epic adventure on questing as to level up you need to quest your way through which in some ways is good and enjoyable but maybe in some ways extremely long gameplay times. The overall gameplay is much like WoW but I have to say places where you fight is massive area offering all classes to fight to their full advantage. In this review I will be talking about the gameplay and what kind of MMO it is and the graphics, whether it is good or bad. Gpotato's most popular games, mainly because it is free and still good enough to be a pay to play game, not saying it should be. Very in depth in many aspects such as combat and other crafing skills shown.

Gameplay(Races, classes, interfaces)
The gameplay offers the style of World of Warcraft but as all clones many are different. As you get to know the game there are two factions which are League and Empire, both consists of three races which for League is Kanians, Elves and Gibberlings and for Empire is Xadaganians, Arisan and Orcs. Well after explaining just the basic step you can tell that it is a massive game offering many things. As you play the game, you come to realise that the game requires long gameplay times as the quests given allows you level up quickly but grinding in this game is like playing Runescape which is not recomended. The only way to level up properly is to get given quests and later you would get on better experiences such as pvp. The user interface shown does resemble a lot to WoW and sorry for saying the obvious but it does. The skills that each race has are unique to them which makes the game very diverse and as for the population I dont think you will get bored of being in a party. Many games like this recomends you to have a party because of the experience and future pvp experiences. If you love questing games then this is the game for you, ofcourse later on you get to pvp gameplay but it will be a long way before that happens.

There are many instances involved which many people participate in:
Currently doing an archtype build for every class:
  • Summoner
  • Scout - On Hold
  • Mage - On Hold
  • Psionicist - On Hold
  • Paladin - On Hold
  • Healer - On Hold
  • Warden - On Hold
Allods Online

Just another World of Warcraft?
Now what I have just played is the same engine as World of Warcraft, but this is definetly very different and has made it their own. If you think that just because the game is almost a clone it would be the same but Allods has introduced a Sci fi theme. They have also a much more indepth reputation system but which is not entirely cloned to WoW. The story line is very different and unique, showing the rivalry between League and Empire, much more indpeth than I have to say. A massive game with so much to do, will last as long as you have motivation to continue playing. This game is heavily based in you builds and skills which will decide your own pvp style which I like as you get to choose. The stats are not locked in anyway so you can choose what to excel on. Certain gathering and creating skills are introduced which is not related to your character, this is basically a crafting skill.

Graphics(Scenery, animation)
The graphics shown is quite amazing and I think it is one that compares a lot to WoW or maybe even better. This game is quite graphic friendly as the requirements needed are low meaning that low spec users can ave access to this game. As for high spec pc users, you people might have the best experiences of the game and you are very lucky. The idle animation used by the characters and npcs have quite a nice touch as it shows how interactive you and them are. The resolutions are also perfect for widescreen users as it does support that. Many games do not offer the quality and detail done to this game and remember that this game is F2P meaing they would get only half the support but half is probably more than they need.

Gameplay: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Minimum Requirements:
CPU: Pentium III 1.5 GHz
RAM: 512 MB
Video Card: GeForce FX 5200 125 MB or ATI Radeon 9550 125 MB
Operating Systems: Windows 2000/Windows XP
Hard Drive: 4 GB
DirectX: DirectX 9.0

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Allods Online

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