Alliance of Valiant Arms (A.V.A)


Alliance of Valiant arms(A mouthful, just call it AVA) is a free to play online FPS shooter with very nice quality in terms of graphics. AVA has reached a mass audience from FPS fans, for those of you who do not have a good high end pc would be missing out a lot. Steam has just released their game so couple more thousands people joined to play this free game. For a free to play game rivals many console games such as Battlefield, not so much the physics but the graphics. IJJI's games are really successful such as Gunz, but AVA I think is the best game IJJI made. As of 2011, a lot of shooters are introducing an apocalyptic zombie type games, I think this is inspired from Call of duty as they had a zombie round games. AVA has a new game mode now which adds another game type, this time PVE (Player vs environment). If you compare popularity with games, I think it would rival up to the number of players in Combat Arms which by the way is one of the most popular around the US and EU.


The gameplay as I said is an FPS, and shows a very stable gameplay meaning almost no signs of bugs and other annoyance. This is a good sign as many old online FPS don't bother fixing these glitches. There are many typical game modes which have been renamed such as: Annihilation, Demolition, Escort, Convoy, AI Mission, Domination, FFA, and of course Cross Steal. A wide diversity of gametypes so I'm pretty sure you will not get bored, with in the game types there consists of maps, for example in Annihilation(Team deathmatch) has maps like Township, Gallery and many others. AVA has an extremely an in-depth gameplay system, this game should not be taken lightly. The general gameplay offers enough information in the HUD with health, armour, time and ammo and not to forget the minimap. Many maps made in this game is very nice a it shows many ways to come from and many of the maps are symetrical just like other shooters. I do have to say I really feel sorry for people that cant run this game as you are missing out on alot. I would not call this game completely unique even though they renamed the game types, it is still the same concept just better overall quality of the game. I see AVA as an upgraded version of almost all free to play FPS games.

Indeed a valiant game

Even though I was being critical whether or not this game is unique, dont get discouraged as this game still has a lot to offer. There is a reason why this game is extremely popular, the number of people, the number of maps, number of weapons, just everyone thing comes in to diversity and variety. With many weekly updates and good servers keeping up, I think this is a truly enjoyable game. Despite being a high quality game, the gameplay does get very repetetive which is why you should try different games. There are always new guns coming out, so variety in guns is no problem. One thing that has been implemented is the attachments system such as different sights, barrels and others which gives a sense of depth in the customisation. Weapons bought can be permanent, which is a good thing, I personally dont like guns with a time limit. There are always funny looking melee weapons which you should check it out, this makes the game more fun then serious. So to sum up, the main features are:

  • Upgraded overall gameplay compared to others
  • Amazing graphics
  • Constantly updated
  • Bonus experience when you're a beginner


The overall graphics is the game is just amazing, like I said it compares to many games like Battlefield. it really is surprising that a free to play game has this much quality. The game is widescreen compatible with the modern 3D imax support! This is yet another evolution towards gaming which is being implemented towards many modern games. To see the game in the lowest settings is really bad, I would rather play this game in full settings which is what I do, its a shame some gamers out there do not have a good high end computer. For most shooters out there, definitely one of my favourites in terms of graphics.

Minimum Requirements

CPU: P4 2.4GHZ
Graphics Card: Geforce 6600
Memory: 1GB
OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Direct X: Direct X 9.0C

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