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Aika Online is an epic 3D MMORPG published by Gpotato offering a beautiful playing style. With typical elements of most RPG's but improved and almost evolved as a whole of both gameplay and graphics. The first time I actually played this game is when I truly noticed the true detail of both story line and graphics. Gpotato has really out done themselves as they have released a very unique game, I cannot believe the work put on to this. With a modern touch to this Gpotato has released a class with guns but magic and melee is still introduced. As the depth of the story line goes, apparently the god of the actual playing world is called Aika fairly enough and has "created" races but somethings went wrong(More on that later). In this epic review of Aika I will be introducing the main aspects of the game which make it unique to play and watch.


Through every MMO so far, Aika is one of the most newest since 2010 so you would be expecting some of sort of differences between aspects of the game such as combat, skill unlocks, graphics, production skills and many others. So lets start with the character creation, the races are all human but classes offered to you are: Warrior, Scout, Spellcaster, Paladin, Rifleman and cleric. A varied amount of classes presented, obviously there are things you have to worry about such as balance but for now a range of classes to choose. One thing is a bit of a dissapointment which is that the races are gender locked, not that bad but still a little customisation please. As for the character editing, only a few amount which are face type, hair style and hair colour. The nations also known as factions are also introduced as story line goes that because Aika has continued to "create" races and then during that time, people split believing in different things.


The interface shown is extremely graphical in terms of detail and quality. Just the little things of the in game world has truly shown detail. The high quality settings goes on to many levels of the game giving you an amazing experience. The character designs shown are some what "perfect", yes a bit of an exaggeration but thats how I see the game. The in game world designs also are very detailed showing depth at a new level. I would expect this of new MMO's out there but nothing quite like Aika Online. Really amazing designs to show off, Gpotato has really out done themself. I think the only reason I will continue to play Aika is because of the graphics.

Game Depth

Before time began, the great goddess Aika created the land of Arcan, a world she hoped would become a utopia for all who inhabited it. To people this gentle land, Aika fashioned the Scinic, a kind and just race who cared for Arcan and preserved the harmony with which the Goddess had infused their birth. After three centuries, however, the Scinic grew restless and disenchanted with the complacency of their existence. The Scinic elders blamed Aika for the lack of purpose which gnawed at the very core of their society, corrupting the goodness which lay within them. They wished only to sleep under Arcan's fertile ground until a time in which their lives could have more meaning, a request the Goddess granted, albeit sorrowfully.

Minimum Requirements

OS: Windows XP / Vista
CPU: 1.5 GHz Pentium 4 or better.
RAM: 512 MB
HDD: 2 GB Free
Graphics Card: Nvidia FX 5200 or better

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Aika Online

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