Adventure Quest Worlds

Genre: Fantasy
Gameplay: 2D MMORPG


Adventure Quest worlds is a turn-by-turn browser based game made by Artix Entertainment offering cartoon graphics and many other aspects from its previous games made. An adventure quest world is a complete resemblance to games like Adverture Quest which is the most famous one, Mechquest and many more. Artix has made it a massive variety of games and is continuing to develop new and improved games but what is unique about this series is that you can finally play with characters meaning its an MMORPG officially. During the beta stage of this game, I thought it was literally impossible to host a flash based server, I was right there had to be a load of maintenance but hey, its now a massive game.


So as you know it is a turn based game, not like Final Fantasy but mostly like Runescape as you take turns to hit each other. Very typical RPG with levels and skills but whats unique is that you can have multiple classes but you have to train them up separately. A server were not as good during beta stage but has improved dramatically. A diverse amount and variety of weapons and armour which is what all MMORPG have now a days. Aq Worlds is still one of the biggest games on browsers, to believe that it is browser just shows that gameplay matters more than graphics in some cases. As a game on its own is very original and a lot people enjoy it because of previous games like Adventure Quest. The interface such as health, mana, and inventory is layed out so that you have more space to navigate through the gameplays. Aq Worlds has only one let down and that is premium access, I agree you would need money but a big like Aq Worlds, I dont think they should.


The graphics as most of you can tell is 2D side scroller using flash, which is a great achievement. Many character designs are very unique and sophisticated and for a 2D game not bad at all. I guess many low spec computer are able to play such a game but that only widens the audience. As well as the character designs, the npc's and monster are at the top of 2D designs. The popularity is really immense considering it is just a 2D design, I truly can say that for this game graphics is not everything. Very suitable for those people that have a low end pc, but even people with good computers tend to play this because it is so easy to access.


Gameplay: 9/10
Graphics: 6/10

Requirements: Adobe Flash

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