Ace Online: Unique Flight Action

Genre: Sci-fi
Gameplay: 3D MMORPG
Developer Company: Suba Games

Introduction(Genre, Company popularity, general opinion)

Ace Online is a free to play 3D Sci-fi MMO published by Subagames, offering an unique experience to new generation of mmo's as it involves an action packed plane simulator. As I first heard about this game, I assumed it was going to be stable because a flight simulator is not always "stable", I would expect there to be many glitches, but they proved me wrong. The general concept is actually quite unique in many ways, and so it is getting extremely popular. Subagames, as of 2011 is still a relatively new in the mmo industries but many other games such as Mission Against Terror(An FPS shooter) is very stable and popular. The Sci-fi theme is also getting extremely popular as you can have a lot of freedom to add space type scenarios. In terms of diversity in game, is relatively medium meaning most player have gone to high levels and therefore other place to train or already up to PVP. There are still many new users coming online giving this game a try.

Gameplay(Classes, Characters, interface)

Ace online, as I said before is a flight simulator, so the controls are quite to master as first but after you kill a few mobs, you will get the hand of it. The general HUD is very well made showing health, fuel, cross hairs, and other general ones like inventory like all typical MMO's. Now to start with Ace Online, in the start of the game, you get to choose a class and they include B-Gear, A-Gear, I-Gear and M-Gear, each of them specialise in a certain way to kill and earn experience, now already it shows a diversity of classes to choose to match your style. Now upon picking a class or (Ace Gear, as they call it), you have to pick characters that match you as a person, which is what people love as they can be brought into the game. The characters include Ceris Valdergrann, Agnes Alicia, Michell Sevastianne Atelier, Yamak Barbatos, Heilyss Gile Railbrande and others which I cant be bothered to name, but there are a total of 12 characters to choose which is very diverse. Though I think that many people would be fustrated at first if you are not used to sci-fi plane simulators as it is quite hard. I guess many modern gamers today would like a new game to call "unqiue" for the very first time and trly mean it.

Is it bound to be flying high?

Well the first time I played as I said is very unique and you would just think "I need to get better at this game!". Well this is how I felt playing this game. However with many other games, it does get repetetive and this game is no different but having said that, there are many other events or tournaments you can take part in. I forgot to mention that this game is very in depth in the tutorials which is a really useful thing to have when having a new style of game. Most games do not offer as much help as many other people. As this game gets more renowned and hopefully not the other way around I would think that this game will be successful because of many reasons:

  • Unique gameplay
  • First of it's kind
  • Diverse classes
  • Diverse characters

Ace Online

Game Depth(Story Line)

Bygeniou City United
The largest of the Decan nations is the Bygeniou City United. The B.C.U. government is run by the National Force Union whose longtime goal is to unify the planet of Phillon. With a very hard-line stance on unification, they have rejected other races and nations. These actions have led to rifts that weakened the government and have spawned enmity with the people in Bygeniou as well as outside. The end result was the separation of Arlington City and the creation of other anti-government movements. These rebels, supported by the Vatallus, formed their own government and are now openly opposing the BCU.

Ace Online

Arlington National Influence
Tired of tyrannical rule, a faction of the military and civilian government separated from B.C.U and formed the Arlington National Influence. The A.N.I. are supporters of the resistance movement that opposes the National Force Union at Bygeniou. Being adamant in rejecting the government position politically, a vast number of military personnel abandoned the military and formed an independent force. Promoting peace and freedom, their objective is to unify Phillon through cooperation and equality. This stance however has caused some issues with the Vatallus as they normally take a passive stance.

Ace Online
Source: Ace Online

Graphics(User settings, general look)

The overall look of the game is very detailed compared to many of the new games out still. I have to say that it does not include as many settings to match the users style as I thought because many players like to customise their graphic card. If you have a good enough computer to run this game at max, thats when you see how much has been put on to this. The scenery is very detailed although static with no real animation but does not need to as the plane graphics and overall landscapes cover for the lack of detail. The blur effect enhances the game a lot, I think the blur effect is very popular among graphics designers and I can see why. Overall a very detailed and beautiful graphics perfect for the gameplay.

Minimum Requirements

OS: Windows XP / Vista / ME / 98
CPU: 1 GhZ Pentium 3 or Equivalent
RAM: 256 MB
HDD: 2.0 GB Free Space
Graphics Card: Any 32MB VGA Card

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Ace Online

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