9Dragons: Clan Based MMO

Genre: Fantasy, Clans
Gameplay: 3rd Person MMORPG


A game originally published by Acclaim but moved on to Gamersfirst and then finally GamesCampus. This game offers many different clans residing with either the dark or light. I will be writing about the gameplay and graphics of this game has to offer. The most unique aspect of this game is the diverse number of clans available but one thing that is a problem, hardly anyone now makes new account, so all I see high level people around my place. The hype is not that much but does not mean it should be discredited. I think before Gamersfirst actually takes over a game, they drastically need to think about how they are going to maintain the game. This game lacks many of the essential things like website information in the MMO Home page information, just the basics to get a noice going.


The gameplay is a typical type which you would see any time MMO, but you get to select your weapon but I would suggest what the clans speciality is. You can select what type of fighting style you can use and you can also use an active skill that can recasted again. The amount of quest is reasonable as it follows you to a path to either the good or bad, but first set of quests are all guides for future quests. The game itself has a class system with in the clans which are Wu Tang, Shaolin, The League of Beggars, Heavenly Demon, Sacred Flower, The Brotherhood of Thieves, so a very diverse amount of clans. In terms of the HUD, it is shown clearly, but sometimes, the graphics glitches and does not want to go where I want my character to go. I really like how you can train your passive fighting style to level up and each move physically changes when fighting. Many things to think about, I used to love this game becuase of many updates and events to offer but now everything is really lacking. Gamersfirst needs priority on each game(As you know Gamersfirst actually buy games rather than develop them).

Just another mmo?

9Dragons in my opinion is very different from other games, one of the most unique infact, though quite dated in graphics but is not everything. I do like the aspects of clans and their specialities with their weapons. I also like the fact that the introduction to the game starts off with a tutorial and have some sort of story line. As you progress through the game, you find a lot of stories about your clan and soon earn a title that gives you proof that you infact are a clan member of what ever it is. The variety of clans out there will get you playing many of them and select which one suit you the most. So for these reason I honestly do not believe that 9Dragons is just another one of those although the lack of updates which would have been good but still exellent in terms of general gameplay.


In terms of graphics, many people think it is very dated but what I think is that 9Dragons is going for a bigger audience with good amount of screen filter making it fit to higher spec PC's and with low rated PC's, you can configure it at low settings. The scenery graphics is very static and what I wouold like to see is atleast idle animation rather than static objects with no interaction. The overall animation is still very well made but remember that this is quite a dated game this game is still appreciated. Despite the dated kind of graphics, I dont really mind it, the gameplay covers for it so most of the time it looks normal to me. I can honestly say, depsite what people say about the graphics and gameplay they have not really played the game thoroughly. Well I do have to say the screen filter, meaning blur has really brought depth in the game so very nice looking game.

Graphics: 6/10
Gameplay: 8/10

Minimum Requirements:
CPU: Pentium 3 1GHz or higher
RAM: 512MB or Higher
Graphics Card:GeForce MX or higher
Connection:56k modem(dial-up) or greater

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